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Other Benefits

Other Benefits

Cafeteria and Café Discounts – Employees and volunteers receive a 25% discount on select food purchased with their badge at the University Hospital cafeteria and University Health cafes. Discount does not include Starbucks.

Refer to infoNET > Department > Human Resources > Benefits > Employee Discounts for additional employee discount offerings.

Employee Benefit Guide Book [PDF] – An overview of the benefits offered at University Health for regular employees.

House Staff Benefit Guide Book [PDF] – An overview of the benefits offered at University Health for House Staff employees.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – A free and confidential counseling and support service for eligible University Health employees and their families on a variety of different services. For details, call 866-EAP-2400 or go to Username/Password: uhsys.

Education Benefits – Educational opportunities include:
• Tuition reimbursement up to $3,000 annually.
• Continuing education and certification benefits up to $800 per year.
• Free on-site and e-Learning classes.

For more information visit infoNet >Department >Center for Learning Excellence or call 210-743-6300.

Employee Health and Wellness Services – Employees receive annual health and wellness screening in the Employee Health Clinic. Free flu shots are also available at specified times during the year. The clinic also serves as the first support if you are injured on the job.

Get U Well Clinic – Operated within the Employee Health Clinic, this walk-in, acute-care clinic serves employees and family members (ages 12 and up by appointment). The clinic fee matches a co-pay for an office visit under the University Family Care Plan. This service is available to all employees regardless of their insurance type.

Jury Duty – Regular full-time and part-time employees will receive full pay at the base rate, plus shift differential, for each regularly scheduled workday required to answer a jury call and/or serve as a juror.

Paid Time Off (PTO) – This program allows employees to accumulate and schedule time off according to individual needs. Eligible employees begin accruing PTO benefit hours in their personal bank from the first day of work.

Paid Time Off Sell-back – You may sell back PTO at 50 percent of its current value. Sell-back may not reduce your PTO balance below 80 hours (minimum sell back is 16 hours).

Sick Time Program – This provides a source of additional compensation for eligible employees who have exhausted all accrued benefit hours and are faced with a continuing catastrophic illness or injury of themselves or an eligible family member (employee must be out of work 15 consecutive days). Additional compensation comes from employees who donate PTO hours.

Download Sick Time Application Form

Download Sick Time Donation Form

Lactation Rooms – University Health is a mother-friendly worksite and supports moms who choose to breastfeed. For information about available breastfeeding rooms in your area contact your manager or director.

Leave of Absence and/or FMLA – A leave of absence can be granted to eligible employees under a comprehensive leave plan that allows extended periods of time off for family and medical leave, reservist and military leave. For more information please refer to the Leave of Absence Guide on the Employee infoNET > Department > Human Resources > Benefits > Leave and Accommodations

Download LOA Request Form

Download the Certification of HealthCare Provider Form – Self

Download the Certification of HealthCare Provider Form – Family Member

Download the Employment Release Form