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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Nationwide pet insurance coverage offers two plan reimbursement options to help with the cost of maintaining your pet’s health at any licensed veterinarian nationwide. This policy is portable. This benefit is not on PeopleSoft.

To enroll, please visit or call 877-738-7874.

Plan features:

  • $250 annual deductible per pet plan
  • 50% or 70% reimbursement of covered services
  • $7,500 annual maximum per pet plan
  • Multi-pet discount
  • Claims submission through member portal, email or mail
  • Policy is portable
  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered
  • Member Portal

Nationwide Pet Insurance Plans [PDF]

Nationwide Avian and Exotic Pet Plan [PDF]

Nationwide Pet Plan Summary [PDF]

Nationwide Pet RX FAQs Brochure [PDF]

How to file a claim [PDF]

Nationwide Pet Claim Form [PDF]