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Vision Insurance


EyeMed Vision is a comprehensive vision plan that provides benefits for eye exams and your choice of frames, lenses or contacts. To locate a participating provider, download the mobile app or visit and choose the “Select” network or call 866-299-1358.

CategorySemi-monthly Premium
Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner$5.05
Employee + Child(ren)$5.31
Employee + Family$7.80

EyeMed Vision

EyeMed Vision Benefits Summary [PDF]

EyeMed Kids Eyes Brochure [PDF]

EyeMed Mobile App Brochure [PDF]

EyeMed Cost Estimator [PDF]

EyeMed Out of Network Claim Form [PDF]

EyeMed Sun Savings Brochure [PDF]

EyeMed Online Discounts Brochure [PDF]

EyeMedAmplifon Discount [PDF]

Envolve Vision

Envolve Vision is included with the University Family Care Plan at no additional Cost. To locate a network provider, visit their website at: or call 210-358-6090.

Envolve Vision Benefit Summary [PDF]

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Compare EyeMed and Envolve Vision Plans [PDF]